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We are working on the details of the election.....We did have a nomination form in the most recent magazine; however, we literally only received two forms returned to us. And they did not cover all the spots that are open.

In order to do the election as soon as possible, the plan is we will do a special mailout to LSBA members, containing a cover letter and an election ballot. We will strongly encourage write-in votes, especially to cover open positions for which no nominations were received. There are also a couple of rep positions open due to resignations, and someone will need to be appointed to serve out the remainder of these terms (=2014). Therefore the ballot will also provide a space for members to indicate they wish to be considered for appointment to these positions.

The official letter and ballot will be sent to members via US Mail. We will also email the same info to all members for whom we have an email address on file. The purpose of the email is to reinforce/remind about the election process, and hopefully help us obtain more responses. I'll post a copy of the info here on the LSBA website too. Members will be asked to return the ballots via US Mail or by scanning and emailing them to us.

All who wish to run for office, whether they are on the ballot already or are conducting a write-in effort, will be encouraged to "campaign" in a thread here on LSBA forum.

So that's the basic plan. I am working on the logistics of doing the mailout, so we can determine what the exact timing of everything will be. We hope to get the ballots out in a few days, and complete the election by mid-February.

Stay tuned for more details.......and if you would like to help run LSBA please consider running for office!

Bob Barnette
President, LSBA
Bob Barnette
President, Lone Star Bowhunters Association

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