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Default Lake Conroe Grass Carp Shoot 7/9/11

Just wanted yall to know about the upcoming bowfishing tournament on lake conroe.

The Texas Bowfishing Association has joined up with TPWD to try to get rid of some of the grass carp on lake conroe. This shoot will be a numbers shoot meaning the team that shoots the most fish wins. However, each grass carp will count as 10 fish!
It will be $100 per team (up to three people per team) and will be 100% payback to the shooters. This will be a 12 hour shoot from 8PM to 8AM and we will be restricted to north of the 1097 bridge due to all the houses on the lake. This shoot will be open to all types of boats.

FYI, we are always looking for additional sponsors so anyone willing can contact me or you can get my email from the flyer link.
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