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Originally Posted by BOBSTER View Post
NETexasOutdoors , the draw loc has been legal in the archery season now for many years. Also, now starting Sept 01, there will be no minimum draw weight for archery equipment. So now, the only reason that someone would need to or want to shoot a crossbow in the archery season would be because the just want it simple. Bob
So there is no upper body disability limitation on the draw loc in Archery only season? If so then when was this implemented?
I am looking to purchase one for a upper body disabled person in the hopes that he will be able to shoot a bow. He has two boys that I am hoping will become bowhunters because he can now resume bowhunting.

Also to answer Tracy. The catalpas were doing great early but a series of strong storms removed all the worms. Since the last of June we have had no rain so they aren't producing. I have got not a single worm off of 20 trees!

Tracy. We have become very involved in working with challenged hunters to provide hunting and fishing opportunities. I have found myself hunting less and less each season. But I am cleaning more and more deer! Also I am spending more time with my Dad. We have a small paper company lease near Lodi and I focus on getting it right for him.

But for me- My first love in hunting is still bow hunting for whitetail. I still manage to get a doe or two each season. I have become so picky with my bucks that I haven't shot one in 9 years now. No problem with anyone else shooting one - it's just where I'm at in my bowhunting life.

It's good to talk to you guys again. I will try to stay in touch better. LSBA was my first contact with bowhunters on a large scale and the work you guys do can't be measured. Thank you for your service and being the voice for the bowhunters of Texas.

If you are near the Longview area be sure and holler.
Darren Turner
Challenged Outdoorsmen of America - NETexasOutdoors Chapter
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