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My Axis Quest began about 5 years ago, I have been several times to several Axis rich environments, however, I have never even had a glimpse of one on the stand much less in range for a bow shot.
Well 1 1/2 hours into my set on a water hole in the back of the Hatch Ranch, Mountain Home, Tx. Delivered the perfect quartering away 12 yards shot, he made the proverbial double back leg kick, bounded thru the edge of the water hole, ran straight away from me for about 40, spread his fronnt legs in an effort to stay standing. It was a futile effort the Bear Atack, Trophyridge 300 tipped with the 100 gr Ulitmate Steel BH had masterfully done it's damage.

Other visiter to the water hole were 6 Nice Female Oryx, Huge Pierre David, 5 shooter Fallow bucks and 15 or so does. It was a zoo all evening.
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