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Default Steam-Grilled Chicken

  • chicken breasts
  • smoked seasoning
  • butter
  • green onions
  • lemons
  • white wine

Take the chicken breasts and use a cleaver to pound them flat. Place on tin foil sheet and top with smoked seasonings, thinly sliced lemons (remove the seeds please!), sliced up green onions, a couple of dollops of butter. Form the tin foil up around the chicken to form a ‘bowl’. Pour in some white wine (I prefer a Riesling) and then seal up the foil (may need an extra sheet).

Get the grill hot and toss the bowls on. Resist the urge to open up the bowls to check on the chicken right off the bat! Let these cook for about 5-7 minutes and then flip over for another 4-5 minutes.

Open up the bowl and use a spatula and pull the chicken onto the grill. Make sure the toppings are on top!. Grill for a couple of minutes to finish off the chicken and then plate them up and enjoy!

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