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Glad to hear it. The grass carp have become a real problem and their numbers need to be reduced.

Typical lake authorities who are paid by the homeowners and do not really care about the fish. These 220,000 carp they put in the lake a few years ago have eaten all the grass out of the lake. Back when there was a bunch of grass in the lake about 2 years ago the water was the clearest I have ever seen Conroe and saw many many very large bass in the lake! It was amazing how big those bass are and how many we saw! There were even a few tilapia (I would assume have migrated from the neighbor power plant lake) living because of the grass. Well the tilapia are all gone now....the carp ate all the grass last year and there was a huge die-off this winter...there were thousands of dead tilapia in the lake....ok I will get off my soapbox.
Just hope the water is clear enough to fill the boat with grass carp!
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