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clintmontgomery 01-01-2011 09:56 PM

TexasArcheryAcademy.org Announcement
Please be aware of the launch of www.TexasArcheryAcademy.org sponsored by Clint Montgomery (LSBA nominee for Region 75 Rep, past president of Texins Archery Club) and Tony Fontana (Community Coach for Olympic Archery Program).

We are in hopes of providing "after-NASP" continuing education for the youth of Texas. In doing so, they will be introduced to local archery clubs as part of a new "Texas Cup" tournament series we are sponsoring, to begin in March.

We are looking for local archery clubs that will host a regular monthly tournament (see website for format of competition) for a minimum of 50 youths. Besides additional club revenue, you will benefit by increased memberships.

We will also be looking for instructors at local archery clubs to offer certified programs at their local clubs. These include continuing programs for adults, and "Intro to Archery" events.

Thank you for your endorsement and support in providing safe practice facilities and mentoring for the next generation of archers!

Please contact Clint Montgomery at clint44us@yahoo.com

Texas Archery Academy (TXAA) provides structured archery training programs statewide, for all ages; focused on youth development and achievement in the sport of archery.

These programs build upon introductory archery experiences throughout the state (such as NASP, Outdoor Adventures, BSA, 4H). Youth tournament opportunities are further developed by sponsoring local archery organizations and municipalities to host competitions as part of a statewide tournament system called the Texas Cup.

This growth of the state’s competitive archery population creates not only individual development benefits, but develops a feeder system to nurture archery prospects aspiring to reach the Olympics.

Ronny 01-02-2011 05:23 PM

Sounds like a good deal. Good luck

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