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LSBA Digital Magazine


Volume 36 Number 4


Check Out The New Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records Website

Check out the new Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records Website!


The Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records (TBBR) were established in 1975 by the Lone Star Bowhunting Association for the purpose of collecting and recording the data of various species of mammals, fish, and fowl, taken by legal and ethical standards within the State of Texas with bow and arrow.

Since the inception of the Texas Bowhunting and Bowfishing Records System, statistical data has been a key element in the promotion of sound wildlife management, preservation of a special archery season, and will serve as a vital instrument in the documentation of hunting history in the State of Texas.

There are a variety of valid reasons hunters choose or decline to enter trophies into record systems, which will remain a preserved document long after we have passed. This gives the person the opportunity to leave their “legacy” as a bowhunter for generations to come. Will you be a part of history?

Bobby Kana, TBBR Chairman
117 Hwy. 332 West, Suite J, #101
Lake Jackson, Texas 77566