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Old 01-04-2014, 06:35 AM   #1
Silent Assassin
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 @ 08:42 PM 
Exclamation Lookie here! Urban Buck!

Howdy all,

Jan 2nd morning, a suburban hunting, mind you. I've seen big bucks around these parts. There is a 14 pointers with a drop tine. One with very wide 8 rack. I saw the huge wide 8 that put a fire under me! I've been meaning to do this for several years but that buck just made me even more determined.

I googled earth and looked for a huge tract of land outside city limit. I found several so I went to the house with a typed letter beforehand since I am deaf, asking if I could hunt landowner's backyard. I was given permission.

That was last week. Mind you on this as well- No scouting, no feeder, no trail cameras to pattern em, I basically flop my stands down where I feel or think will be a good based on scrapes, rubs, and converging trails.

I went back out that evening after talking to landowner and set up a quadpod. Next day, I sat on it and saw two does…Both came towards to me about 3 yards and looked at me, wondering what I was! LOL

Both kept circling back n forth around me and then ate the golden nuggets then circle back n forth around me, looking at me, trying to figure me out.

After good 30 minutes, they left. Two nice bucks came in but non-shooter. Both would be good one in two years or so.

I told myself that there are too many prying eyes for me to be able to draw back. So, I bought a pop up blind at Gander. Found one on sale and bought it.

I didn't hunt that evening. I set up the blind next day and hunted the same evening. Saw few does and youngins.

Yesterday morning, I got up late and was kicking myself about it. I hurried over there and it was already light out. I got everything situated in the blind.

Saw a nice wide 8 out front, standing there. I rattled him up. He made a beeline to me but hung up at 53 yards. Stood there, looking and looking. He then got spooked from something behind him. Behind him is where the house being constructed. He left, I rattled again and again. He stayed back and was after a doe. He then started chasing her towards to me and to the side of me, left the area with doe running hard.

Two 8 pointer came in, very young 8's, stayed and moseyed around for little bit, ate golden nuggets that I hand corned that morning. Both left the area.

Few minutes later, doe, and another doe popped up. I was on my phone doing a live thread on TBH…I was oh there they are, turned on video then more doe came in.

Lo and behold, I see huge rack popped out of the cedar tree, and walking towards to other does that were feeding on golden nuggets.

Even though he wasn't that wide rack 8 but the moment I saw him, he was a trophy in my book!

I got my bow and nocked that baby, drew back when he put his head down the ground to feed. I waited for a minute to minute half, making sure he is comfortable eating and he was. I set my single pin on him. I did not have any target panic or was hyperventilating at all, pure calmness and steadfast cause I was ready to put a big hammer down with my new bow that I got in November. I sold my old one. I wanted to put a notch on my bow with this kill.

I let the arrow rip hard. Arrow flew and hit its mark. Everything started to get crazy, I let myself go and was shaking like leaf! I checked my video, shot looked good. I start to pack my things up real quietly and collected myself.

Got out, found my arrow. It was covered up in red! I looked for blood. I see here and there. I glassed the area, I didn't see anything. So I stayed back and scan around me, does were standing there everywhere. Looking at me. I was like dang it! I just gave away my position.

I started to walk quietly back towards to where I park my truck to put away my gears. So while I was walking, I am wading through tall and thick johnson grass. Bam, There was he! The buck piled up 30 yards later!

I was shocked up even more. I couldn't believe what I was seeing! I walked slowly towards him and poked him to be sure he was down for the count. Good enough, he was down and out.

The feelings were just amazing, I was still shaking like leaf and it lasted for about an hour before I was even back to normal.

My biggest to date. The shot hit him right in the shoulder area while quartering to. Video makes it look like he was quartering to hard but really it's illusion from video camera being on my left side and I shoot my bow right hand, sat a little further from the cam. Beside that, it was zoomed in as well.

I shoot 2013 New Breed Archery Eclipse model. Predator Camo riser with black limbs. MBG Ascent Ambush Single pin sight with 4x magnifier- due to my right eye getting worse in visual aspect wise, Rip-Cord Fall away rest, TightSpot Quiver, with Bowjax limb silencer. Meta Peep sight.

Here's your 'Urban Buck!

Hope y'all enjoy it. Thanks for reading and watching it!
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Old 01-05-2014, 08:54 PM   #2
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 @ 07:26 AM 

Nice buck, Congrats on him.

Spend time with family and friends, go bowhunting together.
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Old 03-20-2015, 01:53 PM   #3
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 @ 06:19 PM 

Congrats on a great buck!
No Guts....No Story!
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