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Old 07-20-2011, 11:55 AM   #1
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Default Bugscuffle Axis

Trent and I left Hooks Monday morning around 5 AM, headed to the Bugscuffle Ranch In Vanderpool. I was hunting an Axis Buck and Trent was hunting hogs. The plan was to hunt there thru Wednesday afternoon, then go on to Cotulla to hunt pigs and javis and fill feeders. Trent and I hunted Monday afternoon and saw plenty of Whitetail. Tuesday morning hunted a ground blind, saw 7 whitetail deer. Moved Tuesday afternoon, and saw everything, Red Deer, Plenty of GOOD BlackBuck, Sheep, Goats. I was seeing the Axis Buck that I wanted some. He was estimated to be 37 inches long. A GOODUN. But could not get him to come in. Wednesday morning, Bryan said he wanted me to move to Stand One. I told him I was plenty happy setting Stand Two, where I had saw all the game Tuesday afternoon. No, he said. You need to go to Stand one.... Always listen to the Outfitter. Wednesday Morning, Bryan tells me to slip in the ground blind early and quietly. The blind is homemade out of cattle panels and cedar brush. Great Blind.I get there before it gets light. Bryan corns the sendero as He drives off. Something is eating the corn before it gets light enough for me to see. Time drags.Whitetail have gotten down wind of me and are blowing and carrying on.. I'm thinking this ain't good. Feeder goes off at 6:30. As it gets light(whitetail still blowing), a Good Blackbuck come to the feeder at 15 yards. I look up the sendero and see a good Axis cross the sendero, going toward where the whitetail are. Not a good sign.. The whitetail are still jumping around, nervous as a cat. The Axis walks up to them. They all stand there, looking, for what seems like forever. The whitetail run off.Again, not a good sign...The Axis looks at the BlackBuck still eating corn under the feeder. The Axis slowly starts to move toward the feeder, stopping every few steps to look and listen...This is killing me. I'm thinking he fixin to go.. Finally, The Axis gets his head behind some of the cedar, covering the blind and I draw. He is at 15 yards.When I draw, my shoulder pops. It got to do with my age. He stops again. I'm at full draw, waiting on one more step...No step. I finally lean to my right and pull the release. THWACK. Sounds good. He runs and I hear a crash at about 20 yards. Keep in mind, I'm old and can't hear ****well, you know. About this time is when I go to pieces. I lay the bow down and try to get my composure back. About ten minutes after that I hear something else in the rocks about the same place. Now, thats a good sign......I think. Twenty more minutes, I get out of the blind. looking for blood and the arrow. Bryan is on his way.....Then, suddenly I catch movement right where I think he should be......Panic goes thru me. I, for a split second, think he's running off... A second later, I see that it's a buzzard. The buzzard found him before I did. I run over to find him right where I thought he should be.

Thanks to Bryan Keeling for a Great Hunt. He was 32 inches on one side and 30 inches on the other, Weighted 200 lbs. Great to share a Camp with Brad Adams and Tomme Actkinson again. Two more good guys.
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 @ 05:36 AM 

Great job Ronnie, congrats
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Old 07-20-2011, 09:26 PM   #3
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 @ 07:26 AM 

Way to go Ronny. Nice axis, congrats.
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Old 08-14-2011, 10:52 AM   #4
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 @ 10:53 AM 

Very nice!!
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Old 08-22-2013, 05:42 AM   #5
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 @ 11:32 PM 

Too cool Congrats on the Axis...........
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Congrats on the trophy Axis.
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