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I had success with a 3’ tripod; 6’ would have put me above the tallest bush in my pasture. Make your blinds as thick as possible, but keep in mind you need to make them look natural. Set up your shooting holes at angles rather than straight to the road. If you have to cut something near the road cut it flush with the ground. Once you think you are brushed in well enough, brush it in again. Cut your material from an area away from your blind. The guys who set up where they could see long distances saw a lot of deer, those who set up where Mike told them to sit, had opportunities. After the evening hunt ask Mike where he saw deer in your section and then adjust. In the morning the majority of the activity was seen in the vicinity of the feeders. I personally feel that you need to corn the road ahead of the feed truck otherwise the does and young bucks will have you cleaned out before the big bucks hit the road. However make sure to spread it like a feed truck would and I would corn an entire section of road (corner to corner). If they see a change in consistency they will leave. Once again, listen to Mike. Good Luck
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