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For Dallas county

DIVISION 1. GENERALLY<A id=TOC.1.1 name=TOC.1.1>

Sec. 50-201. Special use activity regulations for county preserves.
When the county parks or preserves are located within an incorporated area and managed by a city, that city's rules and ordinances shall govern the use of such preserves. However, in no instance shall unauthorized motor vehicles, other than powered wheelchairs, be allowed onto county park/preserve property except within designated parking areas. For county parks and preserves that are managed by the county or other nonmunicipal entities and/or are located within the unincorporated portion of the county, the following additional regulations shall govern the use of these preserves and parks:

(1) No signs, posters, handbills or notices shall be posted in or about county preserves without the prior written approval of the commissioners court administrator. Individuals responsible for posting signs, posters, handbills or notices shall be responsible for the removal of same by a date determined by the administrator. The administrator shall cause any unauthorized sign, poster, handbill or notice to be removed at the posting party's expense.

(2) County preserves are intended to be used by the general public for ordinary passive recreational purposes such as, but not limited to: hiking, biking, fishing, jogging, birdwatching and nature study. Any person or entity wishing to use buildings and/or grounds of a county preserve for any purpose other than its intended use or for exclusive/public restricted use or for use with paid admission, must file a written request describing the proposed special use to the administrator at least three days in advance of the proposed activity.

(3) All special use requests for activities lasting no more than three days will be reviewed by the administrator. Requests for activities lasting longer than three days will be reviewed by the commissioners court. Only those special use requests which receive the written approval of the county will be permitted to occur.

(4) Users whose special requests are approved by the county will be required to sign a use agreement prior to such use. This use agreement will specify, among other things:

a. That the user will compensate the county for any damages to the preserve arising out of such use and that unless the user is an accredited school or scouting troop that will be using the preserve for educational purposes, the user will provide a $100.00 potentially refundable deposit with the county to cover possible damages and trash collection;

b. That when the use is for commercial purposes, the user will obtain a $1,000,000.00 liability/personal injury policy payable to the county; and

c. The amount of any rental or lease fee which shall be determined by commissioners court and which shall be based on the following criteria:

1. Individuals, corporations or organizations desiring to rent a preserve for a function shall pay $250.00 per day or any part of a day;

2. No rental fee shall be charged when the user is an accredited school or scouting troop using the preserve for educational purposes; and

3. If a rental or lease fee is to be charged and the use of the preserve involves filming, additional fees of $500.00 per day shall be charged if the use is for a "for profit" production or $100.00 per day if the use is for a nonprofit production.

(5) Depending upon the proposed use, the county may also require on-site security for appropriate crowd control and for the enforcement of the provisions of this article.

(6) The county reserves the right to deny any request for use of a county preserve which, in its opinion, may disrupt or hamper normal activity, offend public visitors, or endanger the preserve's natural integrity.

(7) No alcoholic beverages or other intoxicants are allowed within a county preserve.

(8) No hunting is allowed within a county preserve. No firearms, sports bows, blow-guns, or weapons are allowed within a county preserve.

(9) No electric bicycles shall be allowed within a county preserve or on an unincorporated county trail.

(10) No horses are allowed within a county preserve beyond designated equestrian areas/trails.

(11) No swimming or wading and no boats, canoes or tubes are permitted in or on any lake, pond or creek within a county preserve, except for emergency vehicles.

(Ord. No. 99-2136, app. C, 11-9-1999)
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