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I agree with many of the statements made above, especially "in the eye of the beholder". The first deer I had put on the wall was an 11 pt that I took off of the "C Ranch." That ranch had some truly fine P & Ys taken on it during the early through mid 1990s. My buck had good mass, but no real tine length. The brow tines were five inches long, but that's about how long the other tines were. The buck gross scored 117 and netted 114. With all that said, I still consider it one of my finest "trophies" and one that resided on the wall of my office for over 10 years. Every time I looked at him and remembered that hunt I couldn't help but smile.

I like big horns, but I tend to hunt for memories the most. The memories of a good or great hunt with friends is the best trophy for me.

Now perhaps more to the original question, what do "you personally" condsider to be a trophy? A 125 class P&Y off of public land is a true trophy in my book. A 170 class, artifically inseminated, high protein fed, high fenced, pen raised deer might or might not make the cut for my personal trophy collection. It would ultimately depend on the quality and difficulty of the animal to hunt. I'd still like to look at those horns though.
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