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Any aminal I take or have taken in the past is a trophy to me, whether it be a 160" buck or a mature doe. As I have progressed as a bowhunter I have decided that I will not take a buck unless he is at least 5 1/2 years old. I feel this is the minimum age for a deer to reach his true potential. I also shoot only mature does. If you every want to have exceptional deer on your lease, whether it be in the Hill country, South Texas or even West Texas, you have to wait until the deer are fully mature to harvest them. They will not get big if you continue to shoot them when thay are young.You could debate this issue for decades and get a multitude of different answers. Bottom line, if it makes you happy then it is a trophy. If you want exceptional deer be content to watch and wait until they are mature. Just my 02
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