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Default Tesoro Ranch - D'Hanis TX

I wanted to give y'all a heads up about a small ranch in Medina County that has some very VERY incredible Exotics and Whitetails roaming it's Senderos. It's called Tesoro Ranch, located in D'Hanis TX owned by Vince and Thea Gates. Millie and spent this past weekend there with Vince on our second attempt to locate an Oryx for Millie to add to her collection before pending legislation prohibits it.

The quality of the animals MUST be seen to believed. As it turned out, and after getting busted on a few different stalks, she took a 37" Bull with her Quest HPS 31 bow - but that's not the point of this post. While we were on the ranch we saw Axis, Blackbuck, Red Stags and Auodad's all of them being Gold Medal quality. He had a 9 X 7 Red Stag roaming that had me drooling.

The ranch is also a Trophy Whitetail Hunter's dream - NO KIDDING. Vince will not harvest anything less than 6 1/2 years old unless they're deemed 'management deer'. We saw several 150 - 160 class bucks, Millie had a true BOONER within 25 yards and almost in her sights but ran out of light before a good shot opportunity was presented -- we're heading back weekend after next.

Prices for exotics are more than reasonable so if you're interested give Vince a call - the number is: 830-643-9349. I'll try posting the Oryx photo tomorrow.
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