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Admittedly, I am a pretty conservative person who doesn't mind being left alone, but a little courtesy goes a long ways. After Mr. Denny took our money, we became ghost to him eventhough we were 40 yds from his house. The corn feeders did not work properly. I could have shot at several under sized bucks and some does that we did not pay for and I firmly believe no one would have caught me. Maybe I expected too much for somebody that I just gave aprox. $600.00 to. Mr. Denny gave no advice, he never checked up on us to see how we were doing. We also felt that we got shoved into a hole in the garage because some friends or family was in the cabin that we thought we were staying. Mice, mice, and more mice. The problem was so bad that we even found some traps, set them and caught a few mice. This was probably the worst kept place I have ever stayed. I don't know if Mr. Denny can sing and play an instrument or not but in my opinion he might need to pursue singing and playing an instrumentt as a career instead of ramrodding this outfit! I will not be back and I would not recommend this place to anyone!
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