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Good morning! I was certified last year to do archery for our local 4H in Shepherd. Within a few weeks of being certified, the few bows that we had (t/d recurves) went "missing" . So we have zero in equipment. I backed off of doing anything with the program at the time because of other commitments (mainly my children) but would like to get the ball rolling again.

This morning I talked to Lee Griffith on doing an expo at his church. He ran into a member of our church and that got us together. My church is also planning to do something such as an outdoor expo/cookoff. It's sort of neat how it all materialized and we ended up chatting. Anyhow, I want to know if LSBA can give us a hand getting the ball rolling. I don't have a core group as of yet because of lack of equipment but I know of many kids interested in this.

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