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I've read these several times and finally feel I have to jump in.

I have hunted Brushy Hills probably 15 or 20 times and have found it to be one of the finest bowhunting ranches in Texas. Part of that is because it is all low fence fair chase, part is the price, part is the size at 13,000 acres and part is the challenge because the game on that ranch is pretty smart.

I have always found Pete Denney to be one of the friendliest, most laid back ranchers I have known. My hunting has often been off season for hogs, so maybe it's different during deer season, when they are crowded and more stressed, but laid back is really the way to describe Pete. I've even been there on some summer hog hunts and had to remind myself to pay on the way out of camp, which is quite a difference from a lot of places I've been where they are waiting at the gate with their hands out and are saying "Show me the money!"

I've also found that Pete and Rusty were more than ready with advice on where to hunt, how to set up, etc. I don't know if you asked or not for hunting advice, but if you do, I guarantee that they will be more than happy to help you. This contrasts by the way with several other ranches I've hunted where when you ask, "Where have the big ones been seen?" and get a reply like, "In the woods?" which is actually all the reply I got on one ranch.

While I try not to hunt the place during the busiest times of mid-November to mid-December, I've had great luck at all other times including October and January. I don't have a lot of extra hunt money in retirement, but I'd go back every year and every chance I could.

Finally, this ranch has been great to LSBA. We have had six Grunts and Gobbles spring fellowship hunts there, an October and January deer hunt, and the Ham Slam in September of 2003 was the hunt that got LSBA back into hunting as a group. The ranch has also always given the organization a great price and allowed kids to hunt for free. While I appreciate all of that support, I have to say that my endorsement above is because I really like the ranch and think Pete is a great guy. JMHO
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