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Default Thought on Brushy Hill

This is a first for posting on this site; however, I feel members need to here my story. Mainly because there is so much "glowing" praise out there. Yes, I realize this is a sponser of LSBA. My friend and I hunted Brushy Hill over the Thanksgiving weekend. We had a decent hunt, but felt we were moved from one cabin to make room for "friends or family". The place was rat infested and very very dirty. We did stay because we got a pasture to ourselves, but this pasture had 3 feeders with one not working and the others out of corn. When the foreman was informed, he said he would take a look, but we never saw any tracks. We did, however, see deer with one being a 130 - 140 class 9 point.
Mr. Denny walked by our "cabin" one time and made a statement, "Good evening". Never once asking how things were, if we saw deer, or did we need anything. Pretty rude and classless way to run a business if you ask me.

I will not be returning to Brushy Hill!

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