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recar 03-18-2014 10:49 PM

Welcome 4H
Welcome to the LSBA Forums!!!

Please feel free to create new threads and discuss your topics

Hot4huntin 03-19-2014 08:43 AM

Thank you, Amazing Bill James, for getting this up and running so quickly!

Welcome 4-H Archery Clubs!

The LSBA is going to be working with and supporting Texas 4-H Archery programs! I appreciate Lee Griffith with Liberty County 4-H Archery for getting in contact with me! Hunter and I will be speaking to them and giving a presentation this weekend. Liberty County 4-H Archery will be coming out and shooting at our 3-D shoot at Saltgrass Archery at the end of April.

All 4-H Archery Clubs, this forum is for you, so post up and share your events, fundraisers, questions, etc., with our members and other 4-H Archery Clubs.

outdoortexan 03-24-2014 09:18 AM

Good morning! I was certified last year to do archery for our local 4H in Shepherd. Within a few weeks of being certified, the few bows that we had (t/d recurves) went "missing" . So we have zero in equipment. I backed off of doing anything with the program at the time because of other commitments (mainly my children) but would like to get the ball rolling again.

This morning I talked to Lee Griffith on doing an expo at his church. He ran into a member of our church and that got us together. My church is also planning to do something such as an outdoor expo/cookoff. It's sort of neat how it all materialized and we ended up chatting. Anyhow, I want to know if LSBA can give us a hand getting the ball rolling. I don't have a core group as of yet because of lack of equipment but I know of many kids interested in this.


Hot4huntin 03-25-2014 10:25 AM

Hey Curtis!!

The LSBA did a presentation for Lee's Trinity County 4-H Archery group and I am working with them on their Expo/fundraiser and will be willing to do the same for your group. Just let me know how we can help. They have their own equipment through donations and discounts by the church and Triple Edge Archery. We brought out our mobile range to give them exposure to 3-D targets as some of them will be shooting at our upcoming 3-D events in Hitchcock, Baytown and Bryan.

Let me know how we can help! You can contact me at 409 739-2630 or denakana@gmail.com.

BamaGirl 04-28-2014 01:40 PM

Such a pleasure to have the 4Hers who shot with us in Hitchcock at Saltgrass!

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