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nothinbutwelves 07-13-2009 10:31 AM

2009 State Championship Results.
Mini Cub
1st Nathan Olachia

Youth Compound
1st Trevor Rogas 334
2nd Hunter Stockard 309
3rd Ashley Rogas 308

Teen Compound
1st Travis Cavazos 312
2nd Alex Glaser 265
3rd Brandon Reeves 248

Teen Traditional
1st Cody Erickson 215

Male Longbow
1st Diahron Grismore 238
2nd Doug Mccoy 228
3rd Bobby Kana 202

Male Recurve
1st Shea Sattler 275
2nd Pete Pieper 252
3rd Jerry Vickery

Female Recurve
1st Dena Kana 170
2nd Sara Pieper 99

Female Longbow
1st Barbara Duncan 215

Bow Novice
1st Steve Kennedy
2nd Greg Stockard 264

Female Bowhunter
1st Christy Stroup 207
2nd Tiffany Richardson 195

Male Bow Release
1st Cope Baily 310
2nd Mark Blackmon 302
3rd Jack Ivy 269

Speed Bow Class
1st Nolan Rogas 306
2nd Jeremy Bryant 277
3rd Ronnie Strought 236

Female Bow Open
1st Joann Nunez 174

1st Alan Ripkowski 318
2nd Don Rasmussen 283
3rd Mike Rust 276

Male Bow Open
1st Marty Reina 325
2nd Scott Warren 306
3rd Glenn Scott 298

Male Bowhunter
1st David Stroup 318
2nd Jim Reeves 296
3rd Bob Smith 292

nothinbutwelves 07-13-2009 10:45 AM

Congratulations To All The Winners And A Big Thanks To Banana Bend Archery For Hosting The State Shoot.we Will Be Kicking The Next Regional Series In Feb 2010 So Be Ready.
Keep Em In The 12 Ring.

noomi 10-18-2012 12:52 AM

Feeder legs are 12’ long and are sleeved into the tri-pod head. Safety chains secure legs to head and have foot plates for staking in place. Feeders use a 1000# hand winch and (2) 4000# pulley system to help reduce the amount of effort needed to raise or lower a full drum of corn. The timer unit is approx. 8' off of the ground during normal use. The drums have 12” legs to keep the timer unit from being damaged during feeder refilling. The entire winch-up feeder unit is painter in flat black.

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