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BUFF 06-10-2007 04:57 PM

bugscuffle ranch
bugscuffle ranch is a top notch outfit. I did not take an animal on my Axis hunt but they were there, My hunting partner was covered up with them every day. I did however see lots of game and there lodge was outstanding. I was very pleased with the ranch



roger 06-11-2007 08:46 AM

I hunted BugScuffle in Nov. on a whitetail hunt I won at the '06 LSBA banquet. Whitetails were holing up in the hills, according to Brian, and hard to find. (If you've hunted there, you know that "hills" means very steep and rough. So, he offered me an opportunity to upgrade (at no charge!) to an exotic hunt. I took a nice fallow buck (my first) and saw a ton of axis does, some younger axis bucks, several very nice blackbuck (one of which was under my stand when I shot the fallow) and various other game in my two days there. I had the bunkhouse/lodge to myself so it was kinda quite. I really enjoyed my trip and want to make a return visit after an axis at some point. Brian and Debbie Keeling are great folks and longtime LSBA supporters.

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